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Find a Donation Center or Store


COMPUTERS TELEVISIONS & ELECTRONICS*: San Diego county locations that accept them free of charge- 7 days a week.

OUR RETAIL STORES accept donations of clothing and household items 7 days a week during posted hours below. Our bookstores all also accept the same categories of donations.  Please check this site or call our customer service line for any changes in Store or Donation Center hours. Call 619-225-2200 or 1-888-446-6394 (toll free within San Diego County).

QUESTIONS ABOUT DONATIONS:  Please see "What to donate" page, or email

CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. IMPORTANT NOTE: To protect your generous donation from vandalism or theft, we require that you donate ONLY during posted, staffed hours.

IRS GUIDANCE ON NON-CASH DONATIONS This link takes you to the IRS for detailed, but easy to understand information on charitable donations in brochures, videos and more!

NOTE:  All Goodwill stores accept donations during business hours.  If the donation door is closed, bring donations to the store front.  Thanks!