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Learn more about the ways you can support Goodwill in their efforts to get San Diegans work.


Goodwill gladly accepts donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, kitchenware and other household items. We depend on the sale of these same items to support our programs and services. If you are trying to figure out what is appropriate as a charitable donation, a good rule of thumb is to consider whether your family or friends would find the item(s) useful if you passed it on. General guidelines on WHAT TO DONATE, or our suggestions for other resources that may be able to take the things we do not accept at this link ALTERNATE DONATION SITES

If you have a question about whether or not to purchase an item due to government recalls, you can check the following website. We make every effort NOT to market any item that has been recalled for the safety of both our customers and our employees, and in some cases, this means we do not sell things in general categories like toys, baby cribs and other product lines that have seen significant recall activity.

Our free-standing front DONATION CENTERS have limited space and are not set up to accept large bulky items, so the employees may refer you to the closest RETAIL STORE or STOREFRONT Donation Center if they anticipate that their center will not be able to secure your contribution. If you are making a substantial donation (entire rooms/large quantities) we may be able to arrange PICK UP, particularly if furniture is involved, or give you information about a new partnership with College Hunks Hauling which is an on demand fee based pick up service.

If you are donating any electronic items please see the ELECTRONICS RECYCLING page for the locations that are able to accept them. There are sites countywide for your convenience.

Planning an Earth Day or COMMUNITY DONATION EVENT?

Need some documents shredded? We are experienced, secure and competitive. See the Services tab or DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION.

Cash Donations San Diego's Goodwill does not solicit cash donations but they are gratefully accepted. We discourage the employees in stores, the trucks, or donation centers from accepting cash donations, or tips directly from the public. Should you wish to make a cash donation of $20 or less, please ask for a Cash Receipt (only requires your name and phone) or a "Donation Envelope" which is a pre-stamped, business reply envelope to make it convenient for you to drop in any mailbox. If you use the envelope, you will receive a written acknowledgement .   If you wish to make an online donation through Goodwill's member services organization click on this link to go directly to that page.